Edinburgh Fireworks store

About us

We started off in 1999 as a family business selling fireworks from our shop on the outskirts of Dundee. Over the years as the popularity of our product has grown, we established our reputation and ourselves as a major retailer of fireworks to UK market. With our partners within the UK delivery network, we are able to deliver our fireworks UK wide.

As the business grew, we built the Edinburgh Fireworks Store and we relocated from Dundee and in 2009. We share the premises with the amazing team at 21CC Fireworks Ltd just outside Edinburgh on the Hopetoun Estate. 21CC Fireworks Ltd work with professional firework products and put on major shows around the country. We here at the Edinburgh Fireworks Store provide good value, high quality retail fireworks for the general public. It’s a perfect relationship!

Welcome to the Edinburgh Fireworks Store. The online fireworks shop for discount fireworks. We have some really spectacular fireworks for sale and/or delivery anywhere in the UK. You can order at any time and all year round! We have everything here that you would ever need for a safe and successful firework party with a selection of massive rockets, sparklers and single ignition fireworks at discount prices.

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