Here are some answers to commonly asked questions:

Q: Can I light the fireworks I purchase from you?

A: Yes! The fireworks we supply are designed and built for retail purposes, which means that you can buy them and light them yourself. We would also recommend following the fireworks safety guidelines.

Q: What is the safety distance for these fireworks?

A: The safety distance for our fireworks can be anything from 5m to 25m. It all depends on the size and nature of the product that you buy. We would always recommend exceeding the safety distance on the side on the firework where possible, just to be safe.

Q: Where do you get your fireworks from?

A: We buy in products from national and international manufacturers whose fireworks comply fully with all aspects of the current fireworks safety regulation. CE marking is the order of the day! We have a broad range of fireworks to suit everyones taste and budget. Most of our fireworks come from China.

Q: What would a managed fireworks display cost from you guys?

A: Our managed firework displays start at £1,500 for an excellent 5-6 minute show.

Q: Do prices always include VAT?

A: Yes! With retail products, all of our advertised prices include VAT. Be careful though when making comparisons, there are some out there who quote excluding VAT to look competitive, then slap it on at the checkout! We don’t play games. What you see is what  you pay.

Q: Do you deliver your fireworks?

A: Yes! We deliver throughout the UK and to some Scottish islands as well. Please just ask!

Q: What if I want to cancel firework order after the stated collection date?

A: Administration and restocking charges for cancelling an order; 20% of the order value.



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