Managed Display

If you would like to have a fireworks display with complete peace of mind that the show will be safe, secure and successful, then why not ask us to manage it for you. We will send out one of our professionally trained teams to set up, fire and set down your show so that you can enjoy your fireworks without having to get your hands dirty or worry about health & safety.

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Our team will be delighted to help you with your event and talk through the options with you. Our firework experts can advise on the best products for your display, discuss the duration of your display and tailor the show to your requirements.


The Edinburgh Fireworks Store Display £1500 (incl. VAT)

Duration: Recommended duration: 5-6 minutes

This premium pack contains some of our largest, loudest and best fireworks available to the general public. Wow your guests with a stunning array of colours and sounds. Some of the multi shot barrages are designed to run across the sky bursting from side to side, others are designed to lift whole rows at time. If it is pyro power you want, this pack is for you.

This package could be fired over less time, which means that we could use far more large fireworks in your show for the same money. This would be our recommendation because it makes the show run faster, with a bigger finale. Less duration = larger fireworks!

What material do you use in one of your managed shows?

We use a spectacular combination of some of the large retail fireworks from our shop along with a blend of professional fireworks (where we can) to make these shows extra special.

Each show starts with a large explosion to grab the attention of your guests and to set the scene for the rest of the display. We then choreograph into the show a range of fountains, mines, effects and large sky bursts finishing off with some professional high altitude explosions. You will love it!

What is included within this price?

The display packages include time allocated to the design and prep of the show, all co-ordination with your venue management, the set up, firing and set down. It also includes a site risk assessment, cover under our insurance policy and a clear up of the site. So all things considered, it’s a pretty good deal!

Our License & Insurance Cover

We are licensed and insured to £10,000,000 public liability cover, which means that we are operating professionally and competently and that you and your guests have complete peace of mind.

Welcome to the Edinburgh Fireworks Store. The online fireworks shop for discount fireworks. We have some really spectacular fireworks for sale and/or delivery anywhere in the UK. You can order at any time and all year round! We have everything here that you would ever need for a safe and successful firework party with a selection of massive rockets, sparklers and single ignition fireworks at discount prices.

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